Mobile Booster:A mobile signal booster or cellular signal booster, is a device designed to enhance the strength and quality of mobile phone signals in areas where there is weak or poor signal reception. These boosters are particularly useful in rural or remote locations, inside buildings with thick walls, or in areas with limited network coverage

External Antenna: The mobile booster system consists of an external antenna placed outside the building or in a location with better signal reception. This antenna captures the weak cellular signal from the nearby cell tower.

Signal Amplifier: The captured signal is then sent to a signal amplifier or booster unit, which amplifies the signal strength.

Internal Antenna:The boosted signal is transmitted to an internal antenna placed inside the building. This internal antenna broadcasts the enhanced signal within the desired coverage area.

Improved Mobile Signal:Mobile devices within the boosted area can then connect to the improved signal, resulting in better call quality, faster data speeds, and improved overall mobile network performance.

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